Men’s Package 4


$1259 USD – approx £969 GBP

  1. 6x 1hr Skype
  2. 10x video check-ins
  3. Online Posing Videos – 1 year non-recurring membership


$1259 USD – approx £969 GBP

  1. 6x 1hr Skype (or any of the 1x Skype can be swapped for 5x video check-in’s) 
  2. 10x Video Check-ins
  3. Online Posing Videos

*** this is the FULL stage presence, stage personality, stage routine package

How it works – 6x 1hr 1-2-1 Skypes:

  • Advanced lessons in: Facial Expressions, Stage Presence, How to deal with nerves
  • Bespoke T-walk and ¼ turns (or I-walk and ½ turns depending on your federation)
  • Unique techniques not taught anywhere else.
  • 6x 1hr 1-2-1 Skype consultations to choose the most flattering poses and transitions for your body shape and for your chosen federation
  • Specific posing and transition videos chosen to practice with from the online video course tailored and tweaked with extra instructions for your unique body.
  • Audrey will choose the most flattering poses and transitions for your body shape and your chosen federation, a choreographed t-walk and comparison round (¼ turns or ½ turns depending on your federation)- includes all poses, transitions and walk for your entire time on stage.
  • Specific posing and transition videos chosen by Audrey to practice with from the online video course tailored and tweaked with extra instructions for your unique body.
  • Stage Walking lessons

How it works – 10x Video Check-ins:

  • Send Audrey a video of your posing practice and receive back posing corrections and advice from Audrey via whatsap.
  • The Whatsap ap is a free ap the ap store on your smart phone with which you can send videos, text and voice notes for free.
  • After reviewing your video, Audrey will also choose for you from her online course specific videos to practice with – tailored and tweaked with extra instructions for your unique body and always for your chosen federation.
  • Audrey will choose the most flattering poses for your body shape (to hide flaws and accentuate your assets for total body symmetry) and for your chosen federation.

How it works – Online Videos:

  • Pre-recorded step-by-step videos that you can watch and practice with anytime 24/7 on your personal devices (ie. laptop/phone) in the privacy of your own home.
  • The world’s most detailed Posing videos in the online member’s site.
  • Posing, Transitions, Walking videos for all Bikini, Fitness Model, Muscle Model and Men’s Physique Federations all clearly labelled so you know which ones to use for your federation.
  • The Champion Maker’s unique method of teaching will lock all of the poses into your muscle memory.
  • 1 year membership (non-recurring).

By booking and paying for your posing course/session with Stage Posing Coach Ltd and myself (Audrey Kaipio), you have agreed to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • With the limited exception outlined in point 2, you will be stage/posing coached by me on an EXCLUSIVE basis for your chosen competition(s). You will not coach for posing (either privately and/or in a group format) with another person or organization, nor attend other courses/workshops/classes for the contest that you are prepping for. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes practicing posing with your trainer.
  • You may attend 1 Official Camp – being a session hosted by your competition federation specifically for its entrants – for each of your chosen competitions. For example, if you are competing in Miami Pro you may attend one Miami Pro Camp/If you are competing in Pure Elite you may attend 1 Pure Elite Camp. You will inform me in advance in writing your plans to attend such Official Camp.
  • You acknowledge and agree that the information and teaching methods that I provide have been created by me specifically for you and other competitors that have signed up to my course. As such I hold the exclusive intellectual property rights to all such information that is delivered in any form. You will not therefore under any circumstances share anything that I teach to you or that you otherwise see me delivery to any person (this includes to other competitors, coaches etc) whether face to face or otherwise through social media. During the course and for 1 year following the end of your lessons with me you will not teach competition/stage posing to any person or organisation. For the avoidance of doubt, any photos and/or videos of you on social media that directly or indirectly advertise or otherwise offer your services as a stage/posing coach will be regarded as an automatic breach of these terms and conditions, entitling me to exercise my legal rights against you.
  • Following each class, you will practice the tasks that I assign to you, applying the methods and tools that I give you and for the time that I recommend.
  • I will have the sole discretion to decide to remove you from a session(s) or entire course for physical or mental incapacity including (but not limited to) refusing to participate in any of the tasks that I set out. The latter extends (but not limited) to failure to practice your routine as I have outlined under point 4, which I will have the sole discretion to assess and decide on. If you are dismissed for any of the aforesaid reasons you will NOT BE REFUNDED.
  • Refunds and/or transfers are not offered on any of the sessions and/or courses if you chose to change your mind or otherwise fail to attend for any reason.
  • You acknowledge that all images captured of you individually or with others during my class or at fitness competitions (whether taken by you, me or any other 3rd party) will be owned by me. As such and as the owner of any such images, I have the right to post such images on any form of media that I deem to be appropriate without requiring your permission in advance. If you wish to use any photos captured during class for uploading on any form of media, you must include the context in which these are displayed and any accompanying text.
  • You acknowledge that by attending any premisses where I deliver classes, via Skype/video lessons or by practicing with Stage Posing Coach Ltd’s online videos you do so at your own risk and I will not be liable for any personal injury that you may suffer as a result of being on such premises or online. You hereby indemnify and hold me harmless from and against any personal injury that you may suffer and/or any third party personal injury claims made against you as a result of any activity at such premises or online, howsoever and by whomsoever caused and regardless of fault (including negligence or gross negligence – whether statutory or otherwise).