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My Champion Making – Central London based – famous Posing course is a complete Posing and Stage Presence Course (plus 1 Mock Show Day Class).
The course includes my unique techniques that will leave you fully prepared and shining with confidence when you step on the stage for your Bikini, Fitness Model or Muscle Model Show. This course is jam-packed with information not offered anywhere else.
Do not make the mistake of perfecting your body in the gym only to get on stage and bomb! Proper Poses and Stage Presence is what can take you from 10th place to 1st place.
Each federation has slightly different requirements for posing and I teach poses for all of them.


Choose the perfect poses that flatter your body (and are appropriate for your chosen federation) with my eye for detail.

Pull out your ultimate stage personality with my unique teaching methods, so you stand out in a packed line-up.

Teach you tricks to get the judges to watch you more than the other competitors.

Eliminate your inhibitions and stage fright.

Have you so prepared that when you step on stage you are READY to ROCK IT and enjoy yourself!



A course covering Posing, Stage Presence plus 1 Mock Show day (total of 6 hrs!).

Small class numbers to ensure individual attention. Maximum 8 – 10  ladies per class.

Pre – Work (before the course) is with the Online Posing Course (videos to practice with in the privacy of your home).  Before and During the course Audrey will  assign specific videos for you to practice with, so she is literally with you 24/7. 

Learning to rock the stage takes time and many students decide to repeat this course 2x (£100 discount for the 2nd time).

This class is for all competitors who are new to being taught by Audrey and for past students who need to advance and refresh their skills.

The course is  held in Central London  near Bank tube.

(Dress Rehearsal Class):

This class is held as a ‘real show’, so you get to experience performing your routine under pressure.

This is my best class that I offer and you will be 100% ready after this class.

Do NOT step on stage without doing this class!

1 Mock Show Day is included in the price of the in-person course.

All graduates of the in-person course may attend, but additional Mock Show day classes may be booked.

Women’s Posing Course – TOTAL 6 HOURS!


Walking, Posing, 1/4 turns

2 hours


Stage Presence Techniques

2 hours


Mock Show Class,
Full Dress Rehearsal

2 hours