Men’s Level 2


£279 GBP – (approx $359 USD)

  1. 3x 1hr 1-2-1- Skype 
  2. 2x Video Check-in’s
  3. Online Posing Videos – 6 month non-recurring membership 


£279 GBP

  1. 3x 1hr 1-2-1- Zooms
  2. + 2x Video Check-in’s
  3. Online Posing Videos

How it works – 3x 1hr 1-2-1 Zooms:

  • 3x 1hr 1-2-1 Zooms to choose the most flattering poses and transitions for your body shape and for your chosen federation, a choreographed t-walk and comparison round (¼ turns or ½ turns depending on your federation)- includes all poses, transitions and walk.
  • Specific posing and transition videos chosen by Audrey to practice with from the online video course tailored and tweaked with extra instructions for your unique body.
  • Walking lessons
  • Includes 2x video check- in’s ontop of the Zooms – Send a video and receive voice notes back on Whatsap/Facetime of the assigned homework for additional notes/to catch any mistakes and give you advice on how to improve.
  • 1x Zoom can be swapped for 4x additional video check- in’s if preferred

How it works – 2x Video Check-ins:

  • Send Audrey a video of your posing practice and receive back posing corrections and advice from Audrey via Whatsapp.
  • The Whatsap app is a free app the app store on your smart phone with which you can send videos, text and voice notes for free.
  • After reviewing your video, Audrey will also choose for you from her online course specific videos to practice with – tailored and tweaked with extra instructions for your unique body and always for your chosen federation.
  • Audrey will choose the most flattering poses for your body shape (to hide flaws and accentuate your assets for total body symmetry) and for your chosen federation.

How it works – Online Videos:

  • Pre-recorded step-by-step videos that you can watch and practice with anytime 24/7 on your personal devices (ie. laptop/phone) in the privacy of your own home.
  • The world’s most detailed Posing videos in the online member’s site.
  • Posing, Transitions, Walking videos for all Bikini, Fitness Model, Muscle Model and Men’s Physique Federations all clearly labelled so you know which ones to use for your federation.
  • The Champion Maker’s unique method of teaching will lock all of the poses into your muscle memory.
  • 6 month membership (non-recurring).



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